Subway, by Bruce Davidson


"There are many splendid moments in this book where his subjects are gazing right at you, caught in an embrace, tightly packed into a subway car. I tend to look through this book whenever I want to feel the grit of old New York."
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- Shaniqwa Jarvis, Photographer

“I admire Bruce’s commitment to his projects because they were self-motivated; it completely came from within.”
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- Cheryl Dunn, Filmmaker

Pictures From Home, By Larry Sultan


"Another great example of photographic narrative, what makes Pictures From Home is the essential and brilliantly written text that Sultan wrote to accompany his pictures." 
- Alec Soth, Photographer

For me, the confluence between a staged and documentary approach is where so much magic can occur, and it was Sultan’s work that revealed this to me."
- Holly Andres, Photographer

Sentimental Journey 1971 - 2017 - (Japanese and English Edition), by Nobuyoshi Araki


"I used to have some difficulty with understanding Araki's work of erotic bondage whenever I would randomly encounter his prints at those big photography fairs, until I saw this book. . . Without words, his photographs of her while they were having sex explained everything to me about all the work he made ever after. " 
- Mirjam Kooiman, Curator