Robin de Puy, Photographer

Illustration by  Jeffrey Phillips

Illustration by Jeffrey Phillips


Robin de Puy is a portrait photographer. Based in Amsterdam and New York City, her work is seen in publications like New York, Bloomberg Business Week, ELLE, and more. In 2015, she took a 10,000km road trip across the US on a Harley Davidson, making images for her book, If This is True, I'll Never Have to Leave Home Again. Her latest book Randy was published by Hannibal in 2018.

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by Alec Soth

"A beautifully designed photo book with black and white works by Alec Soth. My favourite book of his. Everything that fascinates me comes together: organizing chaos, the loneliness within the community, America, music."


The Complete Paintings,
by Egon Schiele

"Technically not a photography book, but a book that every portrait photographer should see. Apart from the human, moving painting by Egon Schiele, this book is so beautiful that it is always on my table. A book — and work — that does not belong on the couch, but deserves a prominent place in the house."


Mapplethorpe Flora: The Complete Flowers,
by Robert Mapplethorpe

"Mapplethorpe. Upon hearing his name many people think of his beautiful — and not to mention sometimes quite intense (the little finger in the penis) — images of muscular men bodies and erections. However, in addition to the fantastic images of bodies, Robert Mapplethorpe was able to photograph flowers in a similar way. The way in which he treats a flower, how he determines the structure, the form and — occasionally — the colours remind me of the human body, and that is exactly what is so great about this book. It is a loud, but tickling, yet big, book."


The Island Of The Colorblind,
by Sanne De Wilde

"The newest work by Sanne, very well designed. Why this book inspires me? Because the placement of the images is surprising, because the colors are beautiful (and that in a book about colour blindness), because the subject is interesting."