Nadine Ijewere, Photographer

Illustration by  Jeffrey Phillips

Illustration by Jeffrey Phillips


Nadine Ijewere is a fashion photographer focused on disrupting gender norms and widening the understanding of different cultures. Her latest year-long project is a series documenting women of mixed race and heritages around London.

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by Irving Penn

"Penn is one of my favourite photographers and this book because it is a vast collection of his work, from portraiture to still life of cigarette butts; it contains images of his that I have never seen before. The portraits are most special to me because of the way in which Penn captures the characters of the subjects that he shoots. There is such an energy in his images. The simple lighting setups that mimic natural light also. That's inspiring to my work because its about the people I am shooting, a simple setup so that you and the subject connect without lots of lighting or set in the way."


Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera,
by Wayne Lawrence

"This particular book is a favourite of mine for all the diversity that is within the pages. There are so many characters from so many different backgrounds and walks of life between these pages. These are real people, in everyday life enjoying time at the beach. This connects with me because my work explores the themes of diversity and different ways of interpreting beauty."


La Vie en Rose,
by Malick Sidibé

"Even though these photographs are in black and white, there is such an intimacy and energy to them that they vibrate a colourful life. The images feel like family photos , family portraits, photos taken at normal family events and parties. The images have a rawness and are relatable. The use of the patterned backdrops and clothing of the subjects set against them further convey that energy and are also intimate so you connect with the subject."


In and Out of Fashion,
by Viviane Sassen

"This was the first book I purchased of Sassen whilst I was studying because it draws together a variety of her fashion pieces. For me, it was her use of colour and composition in relation to fashion imagery and inspires in the sense to play with colour, shape, composition, and perspective within my own works."