Nadav Kander, Photographer

Illustration by  Jeffrey Phillips

Illustration by Jeffrey Phillips

Nadav Kander is a London-based photographer, artist and director, known for his portraiture and landscapes. Kander has produced a number of books; had his work exhibited widely; he received an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society in 2015, won the Prix Pictet and a World Press Photo award; and his work is included in the collections of the National Portrait Gallery, the Société Générale, Paris, Pictet & Cie’s Art Collection and other museums and galleries

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Gerhard Richter: Panorama: A Retrospective,
by Mark Godfrey

"Gerhard Richter has a way of painting a passage of time but makes it seem fleeting. As if it will never happen again. A precious time encapsulated. My main aim is to frustrate a viewer to want more information and therefore have to fill in the dots. Gerhard does this perfectly."


Portraits and Self-Porraits,
by Francis Bacon

"Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter have a lot in common. Both draw us in by a lack of information. Francis is blatant with it. More urgent than Gerhard.  The turned away head holds so much more allure, than the head turned towards us... where nothing is left to discover. I find also his colours and simple settings very powerful. All this makes for a heady concoction that when seen can ONLY be Bacon. I admire this so much."


Michaél Borremans: As Sweet as It Gets,
by Hatje Cantz

"Michael Borremans was printing his book at Hatje Kantz just before I was there to do the same. His wasted paper was used to clean the plates before running my images. The resulting images of his with mine overlaid, were so beautiful. My landscapes from the series DUST where no people featured now had faces upon them. He, like me, feeds off "the surreal” and uses it to great effect.  It inspires me to see imagery of a person who has just dipped their hand into blue paint, seemingly for no reason other than to cause the viewer to question and go with in themselves. Well this is how it is for me anyway."