Holly Andres, Photographer

Illustration by  Jeffrey Phillips

Illustration by Jeffrey Phillips


Holly Andres is an American painter turned photographer, focusing on movie-like scenes inspired by her childhood. Her work has been exhibited across the US, such as Robert Mann Gallery, Robert Koch Gallery, and she works with clients like The New York Times, TIMES, and more.

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Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Film Stills,
by Cindy Sherman

"I have had a long-time love affair with Cindy Sherman’s work. I recall being introduced to Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills in my Photo 101 class, and as a young female photographer was immediately drawn to her unique examination of self as subject. Of course I am interested in Sherman’s ability to illustrate the malleability and social construction of female identity, but as a photographer I love returning to this book, imagining her scrappy process and marvel at her ability to think of new and compelling ways to reinsert herself in classic cinematic motifs"


Pictures from Home,
by Larry Sultan

"Larry Sultan’s Pictures From Home reminds me that often the most compelling subject matter is the familiar and familial. I continue to be endlessly inspired by his ability to control the artifice through deliberate framing, lighting, and an implied narrative, to ultimately capture ungoverned moments of uncertainty and sincerity. For me, the confluence between a staged and documentary approach is where so much magic can occur, and it was Sultan’s work that revealed this to me. He was a great artist."


Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects,
by Joel Sternfeld

"This is truly my favorite book to sit down and flip through with a friend; every time I inevitably notice something new. The book is huge, and through the beautifully sequenced, luscious large-format photographs, Sternfeld takes us on an American road trip reminding us that truth is so much stranger than fiction. His ability to combine the genres of street and traditional large-format landscape photography is mind blowing, and as a sucker for nostalgia, this book just keeps getting better and better with age."


The New York Times Magazine Photographs,
by Kathy Ryan

"In 2011, I was in the midst of transitioning my career from academia where I had been teaching photography classes at the college level with hopes that I could make a living as a working photographer. This book was perched in the windows of many bookstores the week I flew to NY to meet with various photo editors including Kathy Ryan. At the time, I honestly did not know how legendary Ryan was in the editorial world and how her process of commissioning photographers to embrace their unique voice has revitalized contemporary journalist imagery. While schlepping my portfolio from one meeting to the next, I popped into a book store and flipped through this book. I was honestly astonished to see that some of the most renowned artists I’d been studying for years were included. You can imagine my enthusiasm when 3 weeks later I returned to NY for my first paid assignment, a week-long project for the New York Times Magazine. I brought this book home as a souvenir and reminder that all things are possible."


The Photographer's Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas,
by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern

"I love this book and find myself repurchasing it over and over after gifting my copies to fellow photographers. It’s a collection of insights, observations, and suggestions from some of today’s most compelling photographers - Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Roger Ballen, Katie Grannan, Stephen Shore, Alec Soth, Alessandra Sanguinetti, just to name a few. Ranging from practical exercises to philosophical perceptions, ultimately this little book is a treasure trove revealing secrets and creative tips from the minds of our favorite photographers."