Jean Depara, by Jean Depara


“I love Illuminance, because I love that Rinko is photographing the banalities of life, the everyday moments, and she's having moments of ecstasy. She clearly has that gift as an artist of seeing and feeling the ecstatic in the ordinary. I find this book to be one that I return to for that reason. There's something deeply meditative about it, there's something reassuring about it, that the world can be so beautiful.

It's like a visual prayer book, a constant reminder that life is extraordinarily beautiful, and it's full of secrets and gifts, if you just stop and look for a second. As we look at this picture right now of the rear view mirror on some kind of motorbike, and the sun is just hitting it and it's glowing. The vast majority of people are going to walk by and never see that, and I love that she sees it and calls our attention to it.”
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- Joeseph Rodríguez, Photographer