Landet Utom Sig, by Lars Tunbjörk


"With this book, it’s one of my absolute favorites. It really inspired me to do a type of films that I didn't do before. I started to do some really colorful stuff and some really graphic stuff and the camera didn't move much. It really inspired me to add a sense of humor to my stuff that I didn't have before.”
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- Jonas Åkerlund, Director

“Lars's book is a journey through a life. He's drawn to moments of bright, vivid, almost childlike color. That gave a kind of joyfulness to his pictures that were often a kind of societal critique. He had a deep appreciation for the kookiness of people. His pictures tapped into the absurdity of everyday life and the situations we find ourselves in. He's basically laughing with them, never at them. I feel like there was a gentleness to his work that always lent a kind of, ‘Hey, we're in this together.’”
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- Kathy Ryan, Photographer