Stephanie Baptist, Curator

Illustration by  Jeffrey Phillips

Illustration by Jeffrey Phillips

Stephanie Baptist is a Brooklyn based cultural producer and editor. She is the Director of Medium Tings, an apartment gallery in Brooklyn. She is also the co-editor of the Asiko publications, has previously served as Program Director for En Foco and the Head of Exhibitions and Public Programs for Tiwani Contemporary. 



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Sibusiso Mbhele and his Fish Helicopter,
by Koto Bolofo

"This is an incredibly stunning book and the first time I saw a photography publication of its kind (the book was produced in 2002). I was an emerging photographer at the time and it was profound for me to see the work of a fashion photographer applied to this type of a documentary monograph. Composition and a layout of old photographs and newer imagery helped to beautifully weave the story of a talented self-taught South African sculptor who creates airplane and helicopter models out of scrap metal."


Aperture Monograph,
by Diane Arbus

"This is a book that teaches you about humanity and asks you to find the connection between yourself and the people in these portraits. As a budding photographer, I was actively taking environmental portraits when I acquired this book. This book encouraged me to be more deliberate, take my time with each photograph and really get to know my subjects."


Seconds of My Life,
by Jamel Shabazz

"This book is full of joy. It is a lovely collection of images captured over 25 years and taken around the world. Jamel is a masterful photographer, who focuses on the brighter side of life, whether that is great street style, or a group of children playing."


Mama Casset,
by Revue Noire

"I stumbled upon this lovely little monograph during my travels. This is a collection of charming studio portraits taken by Senegalese photographer Mama Casset. There is a lot of attention to detail in these images, from the composition to the clothing of each model. This is an important part of my collection, as it helps to shed light on the work that was taking place in Africa, alongside his European and US contemporaries."