The Sweet Flypaper Of Life, by Roy DeCarava, Langston Hughes


"Roy DeCarava was the first Black photographer to win the Guggenheim fellowship, and even with the accolades he couldn't get a book publisher. That's until he decided to give his photos to Langston Hughes. This turned out to be a great marriage of photos and words." 
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- Andre Wagner, Photographer

“Roy had an inner power and was able to perceive and feel with his subjects. There is a kind of humility that highlights the nature of inequality. That was an inspiration for me and the precipice of my lifelong work, which [centers around] emotions. It's about photographs, sure, and about making formal things and not pretty pictures, but most of all strong pictures. I like to think of my work as an emotional investigation, or a clinical investigation into what it means to be human.”
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-Larry Fink, Photographer