The Americans, by Robert Frank


"All those pictures now, are still ingrained in my head. My consciousness. There's not a picture from there I wouldn't recognize."
- Martin Parr, Photographer

 "It really opened up the world of documentaries for me."
- Lauren Greenfield, Photographer

"You have to have that camera ready. We didn't have the cell phones and all that back in the day, but I think the rhythms of recognizing an image, that's what the masters, the older masters."
- Coreen Simpson, Photographer

"For any book to be published at all, that was that good, was wonderful, and it got the reviews it deserved, as far as I could tell."
- John Loengard, Photographer

"This transferred to the idea that even beyond photography, that there was a great story in anything if you looked at it with new eyes, if you looked at it differently."
- Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired

"This collection of images offers a lesson in seeing, not only of individuals, but of a whole culture."
- Joel Meyerowitz, Photographer

“It's special to me because it was the first time seeing a photographer's work who I'd admired so much, as tangible inspiration that I could call my own.”
- Miranda Barnes, Photographer

“Robert had a singularly un-generous point of view, forgetting about what America is and isn't. His grumpy itemizing of experience is a profoundly important thing, but it was unforgiving.”
- Larry Fink, Photographer