The Decisive Moment, by Henri Cartier Bresson


"Bresson pioneered the genre of street photography." 
- George Lois, Art Director

"Quite enthralled with it."
- John Loengard, Photographer

"By studying the images in this book, I learned so much about framing and composition while clicking the shutter at precisely the right time. This book has always inspired me to make photographs that remain timeless."
- Pete Souza, Photographer

"I guess this is where it all began for me, with Cartier-Bresson. The photographs in the book, and the way they are reproduced, everything is perfect. Including the mesmerizing cover by Matisse..."
- Pauline Veramre, Curator

"The idea was a really big thing, this kind of minimalist approach, and you just catch, you shoot, it's kind of like you're hunting and you take the perfect humane shot, and you hit it right in the heart and you get it. This is street photography and that was kinda what I gravitated to."
- Kevin Kelly, Co-founder of Wired

"This book reinforced the idea that the streets are an abundant and astonishingly surprising place to be. Out of ordinary, everyday life, beauty and significance can be found."
- Joel Meyerowitz, Photographer