Un’antologia, by Paolo Pellegrin


“Everything about this book is extraordinary. It is the monograph of his life's work, and it even starts when he was a child. This book is exquisite. The photography's incredible, the layout and the approach is amazing, and when you get a little further in it is so ambitious. It still boggles my mind that it succeeds.

When you start to get into Paolo's work, you’ll see this timeline that places it in context with highlights of what was happening in the world in that period, as well as highlights of what was happening in the photography world—I love that. I don't remember a photo book doing that, so that all the people looking at this book who didn't live through this era, as they're looking at the pictures Paolo made, they are also recognizing the context in which those pictures were made and published.”
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- Kathy Ryan, Photographer